Drupal and Secure Logins using mod_rewrite and manually setting the cookie Part 2

So you may have tried to do this according to my first blog post on the topic. If you did, you found that problems STILL existed!!

So I have created a patch to the securepages module (are you watching Gordon?) to allow this to actually work. And yes! It does work! There are some caveats though

  • The user login block, which I use to use on my site, won't work in SSL mode unless you limit it to SSL pages only. That means you can't put it on your homepage and have SSL logins. It appears that the user block in core needs to be changed or a replacement block created.
  • You only need one directory in your /sites/ directory for your site and it should be named the same as your domain name- no subdomain. (ex. example.com).
  • Your base_url in your settings file should be the same: example.com

I hope this helps someone.

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