rpmbuild and command-line defines

I recently updated Bacula to the latest version and this required building the RPM. Now when I built this rpm before, I remember that it required some command-line arguments to determine what database and architecture to build for. After spending some time (the first time) looking for these, I just gave up and hacked the spec file to get it to build. Of course, about a week later, I stumbled across something on the net that explained what I needed to do.

Months pass...

Then Bacula needed updating! So I was back at the beginning. This time I found the answer in short order and I put it here for you. YMMV

rpmbuild -ba SPECS/bacula.spec --define "build_su110 1" --define "build_mysql4 1"

Notice the "--define" parameters. Your spec file may require something entirely different.

Submitted by davea on Sun, 2009-08-30 08:59.