Drupal, Securepages and Secure Certificates

I think that I have finally determined a solution that works for the sites I maintain. This seems to solve almost all the problems that I have encountered:

  1. Install the non-ssl site in the sites directory: nonsecure.example.com
  2. Create a new directory in /sites/ for the ssl site: secure.example.com
  3. Copy the settings file from the nonsecure to the secure directory. Change the base_url to be the secure site's URL
  4. Create symlinks FROM the nonsecure directory to the secure directory:
  5. ln -s nonsecure.example.com/themes secure.example.com/
  6. ln -s nonsecure.example.com/files secure.example.com/
  7. ln -s nonsecure.example.com/modules secure.example.com/
Submitted by davea on Wed, 2008-01-02 22:31.